M.P. Jim Karygiannis & Toronto Councillor Chin Lee are dotting Lion's eyes to kick off the Canada Day Festival.


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Chi Ping Dance Group
Canada Day Celebrations
Scarborough Civic Centre
June 28, 2008



Honourable guests: M.P. Jim Karygiannis, Toronto Councillor Chin Lee, Richmond Hill Councillor David Cowen, Guest performers, Chi-Ping Dancers, directors and "Canada Day Award" recipients.

Cathy, Crystal, Stephanie, Cara, Dayna, Rachel are presenting "Spring Rain" dance.

Stacey welcomed audience to join Canada Day celebration.

Fan Dance.

Fan Dance.

Junior dancers performed "Raining Day".

Guest Performers from Mexico group.

Youth South Community members of Group Home perform Ribbon Dance with Chi-Ping Junior dancers.

Guest Performers: Sharon & Mike performed excellent "Salsa".

Peacock Dance by Marie Kwok.

Smoking Box danced by Elven Koo & Marie Kwok.

"Charming Girls" presented by Dayna, Cara, Crystal & Michelle.

"Lotus Pond under the moonlight".

Teachers, M.C., Dancers and Chi Ping.

Canada Day Certificates recipients (R. to L.) Marie, Karen, Christine, Nancy, Josephine, Councillor of Richmond Hill David Cowen, M.P. Jim Karygiannis, Toronto Councillor Chin Lee, Thomas, Paul, Lan, Valerie & Chi Ping.


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